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TSI fans united!! :3
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Demonic Sweetness by xPoisonedxRosex Demonic Sweetness :iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 2 0
ERROR: Snape
The day was damp; the late Summer sun was trapped behind the dark rainclouds high above me, as I splashed carelessly through the puddles of water they had created, eager to climb the steep hill and reach shelter. The weather had changed so suddenly, making the crisp and crunchy leaves I had so craved in the last month or so soggy and slippery instead. I glanced at them solemnly from beneath my colourful umbrella, trying to imagine them before their rich colours had been drained... before then continuing onwards, as I felt the cold and wet metal slipping uncomfortably in my right hand.
I at last reached the top of the hill, panting slightly, and made my way briskly towards the front door of her house. She hadn't been expecting me over, but I knew she'd be at home. She had recently received her Pottermore welcome e.mail after all.
I on the other hand, had not. But while I, alongside many others, was starting to feel slightly impatient by now- the end of August- I also felt happy for the
:iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 0 3
JamesXRemus: Attraction..
Of all the people to walk in on him, it had to have been him, hadn't it?
James Potter had found himself alone in the Gryffindor common room, choosing to seize one of the comfiest armchairs available while gazing at the flames in the fireplace, as they twirled and danced together in the fading sunlight which glittered in from the window. It seemed rather out of character for a boisterous boy such as himself, he admit; however, he was rather glad of the quiet for once. It had meant he could think properly to himself, uninterrupted...
..the word had being the operative word.
James suddenly heard someone enter the common room, and he abruptly glanced back over his shoulder as he was broken from his thoughts- he had hoped, only momentarily.
This, however, would not be the case.
"A-ah.. Hello, Prongs.."
The almost child-like voice made his heart leap. His voice hadn't fully broken yet, and James couldn't help but find it somewhat adorable. It didn't help that the boy had such child-li
:iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 1 4
Mature content
PrUK: Amber Flavoured Love :iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 33 14
Je suis Francine.. by xPoisonedxRosex Je suis Francine.. :iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 1 0 x.Helena + Adelaide.x by xPoisonedxRosex x.Helena + Adelaide.x :iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 0 4 My Hetalia Fan Card by xPoisonedxRosex My Hetalia Fan Card :iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 3 0 siblings of a kingdom. by xPoisonedxRosex siblings of a kingdom. :iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 20 2 IT'S OVER 9000. by xPoisonedxRosex IT'S OVER 9000. :iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 1 0 even in the winter. by xPoisonedxRosex even in the winter. :iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 9 6 Saihate Miku by xPoisonedxRosex Saihate Miku :iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 0 0 A Present for Angie by xPoisonedxRosex A Present for Angie :iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 1 2 Chibi Me by xPoisonedxRosex Chibi Me :iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 0 0 Panda Forme ID by xPoisonedxRosex Panda Forme ID :iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 1 0 Our World by xPoisonedxRosex Our World :iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 2 4 In a Circle by xPoisonedxRosex In a Circle :iconxpoisonedxrosex:xPoisonedxRosex 3 2

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United Kingdom
^ᄇ^ Hai, I'm xPoisonedxRosex!
My name Charlotte
My age 17
My birthday 13/07/93
My signs Cancerian Rooster
My doubutsu uranai Green Fawn
House at Hogwarts Ravenclaw
My current residence Leeds, England
What I Study & Want to Study I have enrolled for a course on some basic GCSE's as I missed them in school <.< what i want to study is Japanese GCSE! But I have to wait 'till next year..;^;
My Art Includes;
Writing stories, song lyrics, poetry, scripts. Drawing traditionally, colouring, anime, manga, some digital colouring, comics, cute things, fan art. Photography of cosplay, figures and dolls, stop-motions, the outdoors, cats. Digital dolls, sets for forums, wallpapers, animations. Cosplay
And quite a few more! ^_^

はかなさ :エヴァネッセンス:hakanasaほんとです。

Current Residence: Leeds, England, GB.
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Rock, Emo, J-pop, J-rock, Pop-rock, Punk
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: HP laptop, Windows Vista -_- *wants 7 but can't save my files, disk drive broken*
MP3 player of choice: Ipod nano ♥
Shell of choice: Turtle Shell :P
Wallpaper of choice: Any with ARTHUR KIRKLAND on it atm xD
Favourite cartoon character: Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya!
Personal Quote: I wanna live in a magical tree in Japan. Cuz that would RAWK!
Hey everyone ^_^ I've not updated in...a month! How is everyone? :D

Firstly, just a quick message about expo; It was great seeing everyone x3 and lol, I love how so many people recognised me! xD I was in shock! Thanks for saying hi if you did :D you made my weekend epic!
I do still need to write my blog, because I'm under a lot of pressure from college; I have a Maths GCSE exam on Monday, and I need to finish Eng lit & Eng lang coursework! Oh noes Dx I did finish one, but then the head of department helped me with it, and wrote in little extra bits I should add. So now I need to rewrite it D8 well, I'll wait till I see my English Lit teacher next week( hopefully she'll be well again! ) and English Lang, then ask them about it all.. I need to do things I enjoy atm! And revise for maths xD :iconannniel:'s birthday party is Saturday, so, I'll prolly do revising then too x'D lmao. Happy birthday to her for tomorrow >w<!

..That's not short ;-; oh well xD
So I have made a new account for cosplay; mine and yours! It is EmosLastKiss, and if you went to watch it I would glomp you, and give you a llama if I haven't 8D! This account will be for my drawings, writing, photography etc. But cosplay related things will go thar! ^_^
So please check it out. Still need to make an avatar, but, I'm getting there XD my first journal is up:heart:!

Okay, cya for now 8D
..btw, I nearly have OVER 9000!!! messages. >.<! I'll totally get a photo when I do x'D

x :iconxpoisonedxrosex: x
  • Listening to: Channel 4 News


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MrNorbert1994 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
Happy Birthday!
DeathNoteDevil Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey ^w^ I stumbled across your gallery and it's really cool =D keep it up ;)!
ucchisama Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday :D
xPoisonedxRosex Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011
Oh gosh! :blush: Thank you so much! Sorry I didn't reply sooner, orz. But yes! Thank you! :'D
ucchisama Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist's okay xD
Simba103 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2011
Hi char! Its me, jess! Lol, i wish i could draw anime like you. Almost every time i try to draw a human being i fail epically :P. I even bring my drawings of peoples into school so me and my friends can have a good laugh XD. Oh, well. What can i say? Animals is my speciality, humans... maybe not so much. Lolz.
xPoisonedxRosex Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2011
Ah hey! ^_^
Aaw >: I'm sure it's not that bad. There's no such thing as bad art anyway! Because anything can be art ;D but yeah, you've just got to keep practising ^^ have you looked for tutorials on how to draw? DeviantART has some good ones! Like for hands and things. Lol I'm still terrible at hands >.< but i have gotten better.

^^ See, i'm not very good with animals haha, unless it's drawn to be more that style of cute chibi sort of animals x'D hehe.
Simba103 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011
Awws, thanks for the advice :). I try to draw anime from memory but thats when it goes skewwith :/. I tried drawing afew Dinosaur King chars with refs, and they turned out fine. Thats how i learned to draw TLK chars and disney chars, through clones, and now i can drawm em from memory :).
xPoisonedxRosex Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011
yw! ^^ And yeah, i believe that's the same for everyone. If you copy a drawing of a character you'll learn how to draw them via memry eventually. Like with me and England from Hetalia 8D i also have pictures of him around my that helps ^^; and a huge wallscroll with other characters on it too 8'D
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mikeg1996 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
thanks for fav :3
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